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Construction Management

Established in 1988, Rafat Homes is a distinguished developer and home builder in the Greater Toronto Area. Specializing in the creation of premium, architecturally refined residential and commercial communities, they epitomize excellence and innovation in construction.

Rafat Group of Companies (RGC), an illustrious and privately held conglomerate, was established in the year 1988, with its esteemed headquarters gracing the resplendent city of Bolton, Ontario. As a vanguard in the construction and project management industry in Canada, RGC is recognized for its unparalleled commitment to innovative solutions for infrastructure projects. Our focus, notably concentrated in communities across the Greater Toronto Area, strives to metamorphose ordinary landscapes into extraordinary edifices, weaving a rich tapestry of modernity and tradition.

Over the years, our services have transcended mere construction management, evolving into a comprehensive spectrum that encompasses the entire value chain. We provide a diverse array of services, including excavation, demolition, concrete foundation and formation, roadwork, snow removal, and more. This multifaceted approach is executed by our team—an assemblage of seasoned professionals and innovative minds—adept at aligning with established schedules, budgets, and project objectives. As we bear full responsibility for all service and maintenance-related operations, we are steadfast in our dedication to excellence at every phase.

A shining example of our innovative spirit is Lotus Condos Whitby, an extraordinary venture by Rafat Homes. This groundbreaking multi-unit project stands as an architectural tour de force set to radiate brilliance in Whitby's skyline. The seven-story structure is more than a building; it is a constellation of exquisite suites, each a haven of luxury and comfort. Meticulously designed to indulge the discerning inhabitant, these spaces are a reflection of our commitment to artistry and innovation.

Venture into the opulent domain offered by Lotus Condos, where every detail is conceived and crafted with an artisan's touch for your ultimate pleasure. Elegance here transcends mere aesthetics; it becomes a way of life. Lotus Condos is not simply a development but a novel perspective on urban living, a symphony of sophistication, and an unequivocal testament to Rafat Homes' trailblazing spirit. Embrace a lifestyle where luxury is not an amenity but an identity, where every space resonates with grace, and where you are welcomed into a world that is exclusively tailored to your delight. In Lotus Condos, the ethos of Rafat Group of Companies is vividly manifested, offering a new perspective on urban living that is as splendid and multifaceted as the services we provide.



Icon Architects, a client-centric architectural firm, excels in unique design and steadfast determination. Through a blend of extensive knowledge, adaptability, and thoughtful collaboration, they create stunning and quality-driven designs. Each creation is a testament to unmatched quality, forming the basis for truly inspirational projects.

ICON Architects is committed to unique design excellent communication. Maintaining intimate involvement with each project from concept design to construction, giving their clients the confidence to work through their large investment. This has enabled them to enhance their relationship with old and new clients.

ICON Architects will assist the client in preparation of the program and its requirements, or analyze the given program to appreciate the fundamental nature of the project. We don’t accept “dead ends” and we won’t be “stuck”. By understanding the structure of our design knowledge, we are well prepared to handle unforeseen problems of this sort. We don’t give up or accept a mediocre solution. We are capable of developing alternate strategies which provide different ways of seeing and solving the problem.

At ICON Architects, we not only have extensive design knowledge, but we also know how to implement, modify and express them. This has enabled us to add variety and depth to our body of work. We have been able to create a process of intelligent reflection, whereby we would observe a situation, reflect upon it, and make discoveries about it. These discoveries have been expanding our knowledge and have become the seed for our future projects.

ICON brings to all its projects the same rigorous approach which places importance on the way buildings work, the way they are made, and the public spaces they generate. Each design is individual, responding to the needs and desires of each client and their unique location.

With the start of the schematic design, all the relationships of the different spaces with their respective size requirements will be considered, and examined with other components of the building, such as structural, mechanical and electrical preferences. At this stage of the project, we will explore all the potential design solutions to achieve the best possible fit, which will be presented to the client for their review and comments.

We appreciate client’s preferences and needs, and would like to be able to recognize our client as part of the design team. ICON Architects will provide sketches, 3D images of both the interior and exterior of the building, and build study models to assist the client, and all the stakeholders in understanding the project. We view each project as a collaborative venture with our clients, consultants and the community. This integrated team approach has resulted in many new projects from satisfied repeated clients.

McOuat McOuat


The McOuat Partnership, Canada's leading real estate marketers, boast a continental reach from the East Coast to Vancouver and Florida to California. With over forty-five years of sharpened expertise, they have successfully directed marketing campaigns for more than 2,500 communities, condos, and resorts across North America, firmly establishing themselves as industry trailblazers.

In the annals of real estate marketing, few names shine as luminously as McOuat, a company founded by the visionary Chuck McOuat in the ebullient era of the mid-'70s. It was an age of innovation, and from the crucible of his rich experience working with esteemed brands like CIBC, Bramalea, Loblaws, and McDonalds, Chuck McOuat hewed new pathways, pioneering methods of real estate marketing that have since metamorphosed into industry standards.

With an uncanny acumen and indomitable spirit, he played an instrumental role in sculpting the success of names like Mattamy and Greenpark over an illustrious span of two decades. The company's reach then burgeoned to embrace an international focus, blossoming into a seasoned enterprise. Today, McOuat proudly stands as the most experienced real estate marketing company in North America, with a staggering portfolio spanning over 2,500 communities across every province, 16 US States, and the resplendent shores of the Caribbean.

The collaboration between McOuat and Lotus Condos Whitby exemplifies a sublime synergy of expertise and elegance. A radiant gem in Whitby's skyline, Lotus Condos requires a marketing approach as exquisite and multifaceted as the development itself. With McOuat at the helm, marketing becomes an art, an alchemy that transmutes brick and mortar into dreams and desires.

Embracing the future while honoring the traditions that have sculpted our legacy, McOuat approaches the Lotus Condos Whitby project with a reverence for innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence. With a history steeped in successful real estate marketing across diverse terrains and a repertoire of services perfectly attuned to the modern needs of the industry, we stand poised at the threshold of a new era. The Lotus Condos Whitby is not just another project for us; it's a symbol of our passion, a canvas where we paint our vision, and a challenge that ignites our creative flames. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, blending architectural artistry with marketing magic.

With McOuat's unparalleled expertise, Lotus Condos Whitby is not merely a real estate venture; it's a reimagining of urban living, an emblem of sophistication. The partnership between McOuat and Lotus Condos Whitby is a harmonious dance of innovation and elegance, a melding of minds and materials, and a testament to a shared vision of excellence. It's a journey to transcend the ordinary, a voyage to touch the zenith of luxury and comfort. Welcome to Lotus Condos Whitby, where the future finds its form and where dreams dwell.

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